The Polygon app at work

Grow Your Soccer Business With League Automated Workflows.

Launch, grow and manage more and bigger soccer leagues effortless with smart automations. We give you the tools to create a "pro-like" customer experience and increase team retention.

  • Provide mobile-first registrations, real-time statistics and notifications.
  • Leverage your customer database with marketing technologies.
  • Collect 100% of outstanding registration and matchday fees before the kick-off.
  • Plan, report and track financial goals using soccer league analytics.

They now handle more and bigger leagues.

Collaboration tool

No More Manual Work With Automated Soccer Workflows.

Sit back and relax. Your pick up games and leagues are getting organized through automated notifications, algorithms and AI. Bring players into your leagues and games effortless using martech.

Message team members

Ensure Players Commitment With Payment First Approach.

Let us do the dirty work of making sure everyone pays for the field. We have engineered sophisticated algorithms that allows you to make sure you collect 100% of the registration and matchday fees without you even asking once.


Provide Performance Statistics to Players in Your Groups or Leagues.

Engage your soccer groups and players with granular stats and performance indicators. Use the data to manage league or to provide players with that extra motivation to attend soccer games and leagues you are promoting.

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